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These are the 10 features we launched in 2019

2019 was a crazy busy year for the development team. We listened to your needs and worked hard to give you the best features to make your work managing equipment easier.

Here are the 10 new features and updates we are most proud of:

1. New and improved Equipment Flagging

We improved the Equipment Flagging feature to give you more flexibility when it comes to faulty equipment and repair cycles.

Here’s what changed:

  • Flagged items can now automatically be marked as unavailable, making it impossible for users to book broken equipment.
  • Flags can be edited anytime with a name, description, and color.
  • Flag names super special emoji and special characters. 🚨💔
  • When flagging an item, users are required to write a message to describe the issues. They can also add attachments (and take a picture from within the mobile app) to illustrate the issue.

2. Marking equipment as unavailable

We added the possibility to mark items as unavailable for bookings, check-outs, and custody. Some pieces of equipment shouldn’t be available for bookings; think of a projector in a meeting room or a monitor that belongs to one specific desk. Does this mean they should be left out of the inventory to ensure they don’t get booked accidentally? Nope, you can just make them unavailable for users.

For each item, you can decide whether or not users can:

  • Reserve it,
  • Check it out,
  • Or take it into custody.

3. Slack integration for Cheqroom

Receive updates via Slack. Our team uses Slack to communicate daily, so we know what a time-saver it can be to get all notifications in one app. We wanted to offer Cheqroom users the same ease and launched the Slack integration for Cheqroom early this year.

Depending on the information that is relevant to you, you can set up notifications for several bookings, flagging, and check-out events.

4. Improved Equipment Picker

We speeded up the booking process with the advanced Equipment Picker. It lets you browse equipment by category and filter by a flag, so you select the items you need in no time.

5. Automated notifications per location

This update has proven to be particularly helpful for users managing multiple locations. As an admin, you can now customize your automated email notifications per location so that only the relevant information gets to the right people within your company.

6. New reports & advanced filtering

We know how much our users love the reporting feature, so we continued expanding the feature with three new reports:

  • Item activity report
  • Item reservation summary
  • Kit reservation summary

We also improved the filtering options for reports. You can now:

  • Filter by custom field
  • Filter by system field (brand, model, etc.)

7. Grouping reports by field

The third big improvement to the reporting feature is the possibility to group reports by fields. This adds an extra layer of depth to any report.

You can now group by:

  • The item on summary reports, for instance, generates a custody report with a list of the specific items assigned to a contact.
  • Booking name on both Reservation and Check-out summary reports.

8. Changes to the mobile app

Throughout the year, we also put in a lot of work to improve the Cheqroom mobile app. Here’s what you can now do right from your phone:

1. Browse by category on Item pages and in the Item Picker.

2. Expire and Unexpired items

3. Duplicate items and kits

4. Repeat reservations

5. Use advanced filtering on Items pages

6. Use the improved Flagging feature — and take pictures of the damage right from within the app.

7. Look at the activity tab on Item, Kits, Contact, Reservation, and Check-out level

8. Assign items in bulk to a specific contact by scanning items or selecting them.

9. Warranty expiration notifications

We added the option to set up warranty expiration notifications. They’ll remind you about warranties that are about to lapse, so you can take the necessary actions to extend those warranties.

10. Default label for bookings

Last but not least, a tiny & very handy update to labels: you can now set a default label for new reservations and check-outs.

Jan 10, 2020 Written by Hana Belbecir