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3 Ways To Get Rid of Old AV Equipment

TVs, cameras, tripods, VHS recorders, lenses … Getting rid of old AV gear that is depreciated or just outdated can be a struggle. A lot of companies are uncertain about the best method for disposal. Here are a few ways to recycle gear that’s past its prime.

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Give it Away

Just because you no longer have a use for an old camera or AV receiver, doesn’t mean you have to send it off to the recycling center. If it still works, think of a friend, family member or some kid down the street who could actually use it. So don’t just throw it out, it might bring enjoyment to someone else!

Our AV tip: mark your AV items as ‘Expired’ and export a list of all equipment you would no longer like to use. That way, you can instantly view a list of items that are ready for giveaway!

Donate it to Charity

Churches, community centers, retirement homes, other non-profit organizations and yup: even schools are all places where you can donate AV equipment that’s in good working order. You will definitely feel good about helping people and organizations that are less fortunate – and you will probably get a tax write-off for your contribution.

Our AV tip: when marking your items as ‘expired’ and especially when donating them to charity, make sure you make a note in CHEQROOM about who you gave it to. Save your receipts, additional documents/PDF files and other important files and keep everything centralized in one place!

Put It on eBay

Why not trade your equipment for cash? Everyone lives online, so you can easily put your AV equipment on eBay. Seek out sites that specialize in used equipment, and find out how you can put money in your pocket while bringing joy to someone else!

Our AV tip: On websites like eBay and Amazon, a lot of people are looking for AV kits. For example, a compiled kit of second-hand AV equipment could include a camera, multiple lenses and a few tripods. So don’t forget to browse through your list of expired items, and group items together, based on their usability. That way, you will sell more and make more!

Out with the old, in with the new! Have a look at the best ways to invest in new equipment for your business.


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