5 Things you Probably Didn’t Know about CHEQROOM

While we’ve learned lots about you and your company through working with you — the who’s, how many’s, what’s and where’s of your operation — we’re willing to bet you don’t know a lot about us.

Being the friendly bunch that we are, we’d like to correct that situation, and tell you a little more about us. So, here are 5 things about CHEQROOM that you probably didn’t know before!


CHEQROOM was born 5 years ago when our founder and CEO Vincent (who was working as an IT manager at the time), saw an unmet need.

While working at a company, he experienced that he and his coworkers were having a hard time keeping track of their assets: managing use and maintenance, keeping schedules organized, and chasing down errant pieces of equipment.

Manual spreadsheets couldn’t provide the solution the company was asking for. To solve this, Vincent started to develop a specialized tool.

Belgian company and New York office

We’re a Belgian company, headquartered in Ghent, but we also have offices in New York and some of our team works remote! Did you know we serve around 10,000 users across 5 continents? In fact, most of our customers are located in the US.

Managing equipment is a global problem, and we have to be global to handle it. So we try to be available at all times for all of our customers, wherever they are!

Lean and 'mean' team

Our team is lean and “mean”. CHEQROOM is built up by great minds and passionate doers. Here are some of the people you might have met through our conversation bubble in the app or on our website.

Katalin and Mathilde are the heart of our customers and make sure we go above and beyond. Magali creates awesome, inspiring and helpful content, and Claudia and Jeroen make sure that our applications are easy-to-use and running as smooth as possible.

Valuable equipment

With all of our customers combined, we manage over 48 million dollar worth of equipment. That’s a lot of cameras, mics, laptops and power packs. But every one of them is valuable to the company that owns it, and they can’t afford to lose them or have them go down unexpectedly.

That’s our core business — to make sure that your equipment there when you need it and everyone knows who’s got what.

we're a friendly bunch

Like we said, we’re a friendly bunch. That goes for our products and services, too! Creative people in the audio-visual industry ❤️ our user-friendly UX. And with our hands-on rollout assistance and ongoing customer support, we make sure everyone is happy and productive.

Want to know more about CHEQROOM? Just ask us.
We’re always happy to help.

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