5 Feature Improvements you Might Have Missed during the Holidays

First of all: Happy New Year everybody! We hope you celebrated it well and have started 2019 with a bang. 🌟

Now that most of you are back and all set for 2019, reminiscing about the lovely Holiday season, we wanted to give you a quick roundup of our latest feature improvements that might have slipped under your radar.

1. Everything’s better with emojis ✌️

emojis on timeline

Your timeline just got a bit more colorful! When words seem to fail you, you can now pick an emoji instead and add it to your comment.

Thumbs up when you got the message, thumbs down when someone brought their equipment back late.

And perhaps you can save the heart emoji for your equipment manager? 😉

2. An even more detailed history timeline


When you’ve set up automated email notifications in Cheqroom, you will now see all the email information in your users’ reservation or check-out history timeline.

And we all know the famous saying: “Knowledge is power”… right?!

3. More tabs & more filter options, means more information

Talking about knowledge… have you noticed two new tabs on the Item and Kit level? Better go take a look if you haven’t!

The Reservation and Check-out tab will give you a quick overview of all the bookings the Item or Kit has been part of in the last days, weeks or months! Just add some extra filtering and you're good to go. 😏

tabs and filter options

4. Don't let them leave without adding some useful information

When making a Reservation or Check-out, you might want your users to fill in some extra information.

Say, for example, what project or class it will be used for or perhaps the project name and ID would be nice to know?

We've now added the option to make certain fields required. No more blank fields, no sir! 🎉


5. Create your Check-out in even fewer clicks

When you’re often using the same gear, you don’t want to be creating a new booking from scratch every single time.

Our ‘Reserve again’ option has been a great way to make a similar booking in just one click. Just find your old Reservation, click Actions and click Reserve again. Only the from and to date might need some tweaking.

Now, when you and your team haven’t been using our Reservation feature that often, ‘Reserve again’ might not be very useful.That’s why we added the ‘Check-out again’ option as well. Hooray!

checkout again

That’s a wrap for December! Hope you are as excited about it as we are. 😄

Jan 03, 2019 Written by Mathilde Vanden Berghe