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Managing your assets in the new normal with Cheqroom

About half a year ago, we had to completely change the way we work due to COVID-19 restrictions and local lockdowns. Although most organizations and schools are slowly getting back to work, we haven’t gotten back to what it was (yet?) and have to adjust to the new normal

Luckily, we have technology on our side: from thermal cameras to smart software, they all help us flatten the curve. This is also where your equipment management software comes in handy. Whether you need to allocate IT equipment to remote employees or want to avoid close contact in your shared equipment room, Cheqroom has a few tricks up its sleeve. TL;DR? Watch this video!

Keeping track of company assets – at the office & at home

Remote work is the new normal. Offices are empty because both the people and their laptops, monitors, and keyboards moved to new offices – homes. Needless to say, keeping track of company assets has become increasingly challenging.

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Luckily, having employees work from home doesn’t necessarily mean losing complete track of who has what and what went where. Cheqroom custody to the rescue! The Custody feature lets you assign assets to users for an unspecified amount of time – like a check-out without a due date. Let employees sign off any equipment they are taking home with a digital signature and make them accountable for it.

Avoiding a crowded equipment room

If your organization has a shared equipment room, you will want to ensure it doesn’t get too crowded with people picking up and dropping off gear.

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In Cheqroom, the busiest times report gives you a pretty good idea of how busy it gets at the equipment room at a certain period of time, so you can anticipate and spread out pick up and drop off times.

Matt Huesmann from the Cinematic Arts Department at Lipscomb University in Nashville, uses Cheqroom’s most recent feature, SMS notifications, to minimize interactions between students.

“We don’t want two or three people all piling in our equipment room at the same time with all their gear. We call it the touch-free ordering system like you have at restaurants.” - Matt Huesmann and his team at Lipscomb University

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Matt and his team use the comment section of a booking to indicate when and on what shelf the equipment is ready to be picked up. That comment automatically triggers an SMS notification to the student.

“I’ve been really excited about the SMS technology. Not just to remind people that their gear is due, but to control the traffic flow of people into the room.”

The full interview with Matt Huesmann will be available soon.

Keep people safe with sanitized equipment

As we all know, COVID-19 can spread through contaminated surfaces. That is why it might be a good idea to sanitize your equipment or keep it in quarantine for at least 72 hours after each use.

Use Cheqroom’s flagging feature to indicate that items need to be quarantined or sanitized. Anyone who comes and scans asset tags gets all the info and instantly knows whether they are good to go or the assets still need to be sanitized.

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If you want to know more about sanitizing your IT or AV equipment, watch Kevin’s video. We contacted manufacturers and researched the safest way to sanitize assets for both, the assets and the people using them. Last but not least: simply having a clear overview of where your equipment is, who is using it and who needs it later, makes it easier to take necessary measures. Remember, equipment management doesn’t need to be that hard.

Stay safe!

Oct 09, 2020 Written by Marie-Helene Sarapuu