New feature: Blocking Contacts

We all know that one person who is often a bit dreamy and are not always paying attention when needed. They mean no harm, but when that person is also part of your team or organization, it can get a bit frustrating as an equipment manager.

Then you also have those who sometimes like to break the rules, or simply don’t care enough to bring back the equipment on time. CHEQROOM has implemented a new feature that will help all you equipment managers out: Blocking contacts!

Blocking access to equipment check-outs

When certain users start to get sloppy and keep bringing equipment back overdue, you can now block those users and prevent them from making bookings and check-outs for themselves.

Blocked Contacts are NOT allowed to:

  • Have a new reservation added to their name
  • Have a new check-out added to their name
  • Extend an open Check-out
  • Convert a Reservation into a Check-out
  • Take an item into Custody

Blocked contacts are allowed to:

  • Log in (if they’re linked to a User)
  • View availability of Items
  • Check-in open Check-outs
  • For admins and users: Create a reservation for someone else
  • For admins and users: Create a check-out for someone else
  • For admins and users: Give Custody to someone else
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