Feature announcement: Category Browsing for better asset tracking!

Equipment Managers on CHEQROOM often have hundreds or thousands of pieces of gear they need to stay on top of. We want to make CHEQROOM as simple and fast as possible for them to get to the equipment they need.

You asked. We listened.

We’ve just added 2 new features to our mobile app, which will make your life a whole lot easier.

First off, you requested a new big Find button and we created that for you. The find button lets you search for equipment straight away, it’s easy to reach when you’re in a hurry and even keeps track of any searches or barcode scans you’ve done before. Hurray for better asset tracking!

Secondly, we’ve added a “Search by category” option that will help you navigate through your inventory in a super effective way. You’ll be able to go straight to items you need in just a jiffy.

Are you interested to know more about our upcoming features? Here’s our Public Product Roadmap, where you can comment or vote on features in our pipeline.

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