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All the C-Stand Basics You Need to Know

As one of the most widely used pieces of equipment, the C-stand may be the first thing you come in contact with as a video producer or a production assistant. Here are all the C-stand basics and best practices you need to know.

In Short & Usage

Did you know that the “C” stands for “century,” which was the name of the most common size of reflector held by these stands in the early days of filmmaking? At that time, reflectors were used to keep the light on the actors.

The C-stand, also known as ‘grip stand’, as we know it today is still most often used to position elements in front of a light source to modify the light given off by that source. But other than that, it can also hold a flag and it can clamp onto something like a show card.

C-Stand Best Practices

Let’s go over the most basic C-stand best practices to keep in mind:

  • When attaching an element to the arm, make sure the arm is extended out to the right of the grip head. That way, the weight of the object will push the arm down and tighten the head. Make sure the arm is not extended to the left, as this might cause the weight of the object to loosen the head, and cause the arm to fall. More importantly, don’t forget the stability sandbag, which will keep your C-stand from tipping over.
  • Another great tip is always to set the arm just a tiny bit higher than where you want the light source to hit.
  • Are you about to add an accessory that extends far beyond the base of the stand? Then make sure the highest leg is positioned toward the accessory. This will ensure that the weight leans on the longer leg and increase its overall stability.

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