Ideas, Tips and Simple Ways to Make Inventory Management Easier and a Priority
QR codes

10 Examples of using QR codes to track your smallbiz inventory

1. IT equipment. Do you know how many items you have, in which shape are they and who has them?…

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Asset tags and scanner

Best Practices for Using Your Inventory Asset Labels

Whether you manage a large or small inventory, it’s important to use asset labels to keep track of your valuable…

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Dymo printer

HOW-TO: Printing equipment labels on a DYMO LabelWriter

Do you have a DYMO LabelWriter printer in the office? Great! But missing QR or barcodes? With software like CHEQROOM,…

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Dymo Asset Labeling Software

Do you use a DYMO LabelWriter in your office to label your equipment? Excellent! CHEQROOM can help you print specialized…

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getting av equipment ready for summer

4 Ways to Get Your School’s AV Equipment Ready for Summer

Summer break is here, and if you are like school or universitybroadcasting equipment managers, your studio will sit unused for…

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qr overtakes bar codes

QR Codes overtake bar codes

QR Code popularity has grown immensly more popular in 3 years time. Beginning 2011, the amount of Google searches for…

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qr codes are old news

QR Codes are old news?

QR Codes are old news? Invented in the early ‘90ies for tracking automotive parts, they are now used for Marketing…

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