Ideas, Tips and Simple Ways to Make Inventory Management Easier and a Priority
new filtering options

Ready for next level filter options?

Everyone loves a good filter. And, as of now, you have been able to filter in CHEQROOM on many different…

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equipment picker

Announcing the Improved Equipment Picker

We’re excited to announce that we made the equipment picker menu for bookings smarter. You can now browse equipment by…

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of whales and drones

Of Whales and Drones: An Interview with Salinda Bacheler from MARRS Lab

We had the chance to sit down with Salinda Bacheler, the (super nice!) program manager at MARRS Lab in North…

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feature improvements you might have missed

5 Feature Improvements you Might Have Missed during the Holidays

First of all: Happy New Year everybody! We hope you celebrated it well and have started 2019 with a bang….

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tools for av business

Business Tools every AV Production Company Should Be Using

The tools you use to create or support your content are a crucial part for every company, especially an AV…

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Announcing our Improved Navigation

We’re happy to announce that we’re rolling out our new navigation this week. Over the last couple of years, our…

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why software demo

Why Software Demos Make all the Difference

Video chatting with someone you’ve never met can be a bit daunting at first. So signing up for a demo…

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Using the PDF Generator to your Advantage

From generating employee agreements to reservation checklists: here’s how you can use the PDF generator to your advantage. Over the…

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Things to Consider when Expanding your Account — To Share or not to Share?

When another team or department within your company wants to join your CHEQROOM account, don’t jump the gun. It might…

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New feature: Blocking Contacts

We all know that one person who is often a bit dreamy and are not always paying attention when needed….

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Updates to our mobile apps (June 2018)

Most of us have jobs in which we’re not chained to our desk — thank goodness! We want to be…

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New feature: Setting up Business Hours

We’re super excited to talk about one of our newest improvements to CHEQROOM. You can now avoid a lot of…

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