Feature announcement: Custom Dropdown Fields

Effective equipment management is all about capturing valuable information in a much better, faster and easier way. Less than a year ago, we added a new feature that lets you customize your CHEQROOM account with extra fields to fit your workflow. We’re now following up with a brand new product update: custom dropdown fields.

The custom dropdown menu allows the equipment manager to populate a list of values from which users can select. As a result, they will immediately get the right information for their equipment or booking needs.

These custom dropdown fields will turn into a text box, where only the administrator has the permission to type in anything they want. That way, all entries are predictable and error-free!

Some examples

When managing equipment reservations, you can add custom dropdown fields with the following value options:

  • Pick-up
  • Delivery

You can also use custom fields to list the departments the equipment owners are in charge of:

  • Acme Studios
  • Acme Photography Dept
  • Acme IT Dept

Are you interested to know more about our upcoming features? Here’s our Public Product Roadmap, where you can comment or vote on features in our pipeline.

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