Easier equipment scheduling with Gantt charts

New feature: Easier equipment scheduling with Gantt charts

After having collected feedback and talking to hundreds of equipment managers, we’re excited to release a new version of CHEQROOM with much easier equipment scheduling thanks to our new Gantt chart view.

This update shows equipment managers their equipment usage and planning across time. This new visualization lets you see what equipment is booked at a glance and make new equipment check-outs or reservations straight from the Gantt chart view.


You’ll be able to see at a glance:

  • A list of the various bookings for certain items
  • When each reservation and check-out begins and ends
  • How long each activity is scheduled to last
  • Where bookings overlap with other bookings, and by how much

To view more details about a single booking, you can just hover the timeline event and a popup will appear showing you extra information you need. It also works with the color-coding functionality we released a couple of weeks ago.

Seems like some of our customers are already really happy with this new feature. 🙌

The Gantt style calendar is amazing. Thank you for making this happen! This is a HUGE help!!!!! Can’t wait for my student workers to see it!

What’s next for CHEQROOM?

We’re building better asset management software every week. Want to keep on top of our developments? Here’s our public product roadmap.

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