ata carnet

ATA Carnet – A Passport for your Equipment

Traveling internationally for business can be a hassle, we know. Delays at the airport, navigating your way in an unfamiliar place, currency fees…the list can go on. One thing that shouldn’t be stressful is preparing your equipment to your next video shoot or event. Luckily, CHEQROOM has you covered!

Our amazing friends at Icon Films asked for the feature first – and a few weeks later we developed and launched the Carnet Document! Yes, that document a.k.a ATA Carnet is used to clear customs without paying taxes and import duties on your equipment.

With CHEQROOM you can now easily prepare your travel from country to country, without worrying about custom delays. Just focus on doing what you do best – creating impactful content!

Let us help ease your travel challenges the next time you’re abroad!

Need an Excel version? It’s only a copy-paste away

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