How to hire the right employees for your business

Read on to discover tips to help you find & hire the people you need to make your business grow!

One of the joys of working in my industry is that there are busy and off seasons. I love having time off for family and friends, and being able to control my schedule. I’m grateful to have such a flexible job but not everyone has been so lucky. Plenty of postgraduate photography and graphics design students have had a difficult time finding work. When it comes to hiring for seasonal work (or work in general), it’s difficult finding a consistent and hard working employee base that you can rely on.

Small businesses thrive or fail in a short period of time. When a business is failing, hiring won’t be an issue. But when your business starts picking up clients and your calendar fills up you might find yourself a couple hands short. In these situations, doubling or tripling your current team quickly and with hardworking employees can be difficult.

With so many new hires, training needs to be to the point and as often as possible. Hiring employees you’re confident in without all that time spent training is valuable in this business. Sometimes a new hire will have 4 maybe 5 events to attend in a month, hopefully giving them enough experience to work on their own. Otherwise you realize the arrangement isn’t working out and start from scratch.

One of the issues with focusing on training new employees is that it can give them enough experience to think they can do things themselves. This creates trust issues in apprenticeships because of the high turnover. To prevent a new hire from leaving after a few months, these steps will help you find the best employees for your SMB.

  1. Write super short and concise job descriptions, most job seekers skim the page for required skills in bullets and submit their resumes.
  2. Scan resumes like crazy, don’t waste time on deciphering a questionable work history but call them for a phone interview if you must.
  3. Contact candidates through email so you can gauge their response time. You’ll find this method works effectively when measuring how they operate on a daily basis.
  4. Give them a small task to see if they have the required skills and dedication. A lot of people will not bother with a small task and request a different one or move on. This is a big indicator of their work ethic and save you a ton of time from reviewing those resume blasters.
  5. Finish in-person to get a better reading to see if they are honest and fit your business. Let them ask you questions and make sure to clarify any confusion about job duties in this step before moving on.

With the tips above you should be able to find the employees you need to keep your business growing!

If you are looking for contractors in the wedding industry, keep an eye on Flowdio. They are developing a contractor job posting section where wedding vendors can hire consistent help. You’ll be able see the contractor’s past work history along with feedback by other vendors. All that will help ease the hiring process, and prevent future headaches.

This guest post was written by Flowdio’s Samson Tse – easy and painless business management for wedding, event and photography professionals.

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