Feature release: Introducing SMS notifications

Notifications are a great way to get aligned and notify users and administrators on multiple topics. We already support push notifications and emails. And they are a great way to inform users of important but less urgent matters. If you want to notify your users immediately you’ll need a way to reach them on the go. Our new SMS notifications are here to help you. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t read their texts?

Don’t like reading? Watch this video!

Use cases

Let’s dive right in with some use cases that really benefit from SMS notifications.

Overdue check-ins

Nothing is more annoying than a user is failing to return equipment on time. Maybe the user forgot about it? Send them an SMS to notify them right away or set up an automated trigger every time when a check-in is due. That way, they can take immediate action or inform the next user about the delay.

Send an SMS to a specific user.

The easiest way to send customized messages is by sending an SMS message each time a new comment is added to a booking. This gives you full flexibility on what to say to a specific user.

For example:

  • Hi Jack, your equipment is ready for pickup!
  • Hi Martha, Jack is running a little late. He will drop off the equipment at 4 pm.
  • I just wanted to let you know that the equipment you reserved is broken. There is another Shotgun microphone available for reservations.

Notification in CHEQROOM

Be on top of troubleshooting.

If equipment gets flagged by a user, you can send an SMS to notify the equipment manager or third-party repair service. It will accelerate the repair process and reduce downtime, as you’ll be able to anticipate a potential replacement or order new parts in time.

How does it work?

The SMS feature is available for customers on a

  • Plus Plan (including 500 texts per month)
  • Premium Plan (incl. 2000 texts per month)
  • Academic Premium Plan (incl. 2000 texts per month)

You’ll always have an overview available on the number of SMSes you have left each month. Go to your account information via settings, and there you have it.


Overview of your SMS quota

The texts will be sent from a predefined CHEQROOM phone number. Each SMS sent will count as one SMS.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know on how to set up SMS notifications and the triggers you can use.

If the SMS feature is not available in your plan, you can drop us an email at success@cheqroom.com. We’ll help you change to the right plan.

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