Let’s get your team on board

Good for you! You’ve decided to start using CHEQROOM’s self-booking feature. What’s next? Before you put it into operation, you’ll have to let everyone know about it and how to use it. An announcement is in order.

Not sure what to say? To give you a little help, we’ve put together this general e-mail template that you can use to start with.

It’s very general, so feel free to change or customize it any way you want. (Kind of like how you can customize CHEQROOM to suit your own specific needs!)


Hi everyone,

I would like you all to know that within next week, we’re going to be making available a new equipment management software called CHEQROOM. From now on, anyone that needs equipment for a project will be able to reserve the required gear themselves.

When you go to the Equipment Manager, it will be ready and waiting for you. No missing bits, no last-minute surprises.

Each of you who’s responsible for booking equipment will have his / her own account page set up, where you’ll be able to enter your reservations. We’ll be sending you all separate invite e-mails in a few days with account setup information and instructions.

Here’s a step-by-step guide of how it will work.

We’re excited about this new enhancement to our system. It should streamline bookings and simplify equipment management for everyone.

Your Name

Here’s how you can get your team started:

Remember, CHEQROOM support is always available, so if you need any assistance with the setup or rollout, we’ll be happy to help you. Just give us a shout.

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