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Feature release: Marking equipment as unavailable

What do you do with pieces of equipment that are unavailable for people to book? Maybe they’re attached to a wall or belong to one location like a projector or monitor in a meeting room? Should you leave them out of your equipment tracking to make sure no one accidentally books them?

Not anymore! We made it easier to mark equipment unavailable for bookings, check-outs, and custody.⭐️

The challenge 🤯

Several of our university customers wanted to make certain equipment off-limits for reservations, but at the same time leave it up to the person running the equipment desk to add it to a check-out or not.

Imagine you have hundreds of batteries for your Sony cameras and maybe another hundred more for your Panasonic cameras. Leaving it up to the students to book the right battery gets messy really fast. They often forget to reserve batteries or might up reserving the wrong ones.

Instead, it’s much easier to leave out batteries during the reservation step altogether, and have those batteries added at the check-out step instead but the person at the check-out counter.

The solution: decide what users can do 🤗

You can now decide exactly what users can do with an item in Cheqroom:

Go to an items’ detail page to change its status and choose whether or not the item can be reserved, used in a check-out or taken into custody.

You’ll probably want to update the status of many items in your inventory, and we don’t want you to spend hours and hours getting this up and running. That’s why we also added the status updates to the bulk actions. This way, you’ll be able to change the status of different items immediately from the overview page.

For each item, you’ll see a status on both the overview page and the item’s detail page.

💡Only Admins can change an item’s status. Users and self-service users only see the status but can’t change it.

Only for future actions ⛔️

Changes only apply to future actions. So if, for instance, an item is already booked when you set its status to ‘Don’t allow reservation’, the current reservation will still stay valid. It’s only when the item is checked back in, that it will not be available for future reservations.

Status messages 📌

In the top right corner on items’ detail pages, you’ll now see messages to inform you of the status of the items. Like what you can do with them, info on the item’s warranty, flags it may have, or when and by whom it was due back in case of a late return.

What does this mean for kits? 🤔

If one of the items within a kit has the status ‘Don’t allow reservation’, the kit will only partially be available for reservations.

If a kit is incomplete, this information will appear in a status message.

Ready to try this out in your Cheqroom account?🚀🚀 If you need help setting this up, here’s a detailed help article.

Sep 05, 2019 Written by Hana Belbecir