Meet Cheqroom's new Management team

Cheqroom likes to keep things moving. We can’t wait to get ahead, always looking to where we want to go next - and who to take the leap with.

So we added three experienced travelers to the Cheqroom pack. Head of Engineering Jens Segers, Head of Marketing Diederik Syoen and Head of Sales Jean-Marc Bosschem have joined Cheqroom to speed up the scaling process, further solidifying the company around the tool.

Jens, Diederik and Jean-Marc will help us get to where we want to go. Which is: every equipment room out there.

We spoke to CEO Vincent Theeten, as well as our management trio, for more.

Plenty more to do

As far as we’ve come, there is still lots of potential in the video market. We see that every day, Vincent explains:

Vincent Theeten

“Video is soaring, yet equipment management issues are a 40-year-old problem waiting to be solved,” Vincent explains. “We are ambitious, and we want to radiate that - but more importantly: we want to achieve results and capture this huge potential.”

So we’ve set the bar high and added a line-up of mature go-getters to an already world-class team. People that have faced and overcome growth challenges like the ones ahead of us in previous positions. 

Vincent: “They will help build the team, the strategy and the product we need to become a staple of every media production company in the world.”

Teams, insights & opportunities

But why these gentlemen specifically?

“Each has a proven track record of leading teams and knows how to motivate. They will also bring new angles and insights to the table, so we don’t get stuck in our own ideas. We don’t want to do just more of the same.”

“Diederik will look for novel growth opportunities. Jean-Marc is putting together an excellent sales team. Jens is there to take the product in interesting directions. Everyone has their role to play.”

Lest we forget, all of them will be in charge of expanding their respective teams. “We’ll be on the lookout for a number of new people. Do keep an eye on our vacancies!”

Jens Segers: building the software Google uses

Jens has been running things at his own company Auki for 7 years. Meanwhile, he’s been both a data scientist at Realo and lead developer at Teamleader. He has been our Head of Engineering since January.

Jens Segers

“I’m a builder, like Vincent,” says Jens. “I believed in his vision for Cheqroom the first time we talked and our visions on product and technology are really aligned. There's just a lot to like at Cheqroom: my impact is through a better product, for an amazing international customer portfolio. Building the software used at AirBnb, Google and Netflix is cool.”

But there was more to this decision to join the team. “The revenue we bring in through sales without seed money is pretty impressive, and it’s because we’re already quite professional and have a mature culture. There’s healthy pressure on, and we handle it well.”

“Getting Cheqroom's name out there more in the Belgian developer community, is a pet project that’s definitely on my list,” Jens adds. Asked about hiring, he stresses the builder’s mindset. “We’re going to collaborate on problems and find innovative solutions. There are only exciting directions to go from here.”

Diederik Syoen: a true go-to-market strategy

Head of Marketing Diederik has worn different hats in his career: he was head of the go-to-market team at Teamleader and makes his own gin on the side, but prefers to spend his time at the crossroads between product and marketing. Diederik, Jeroen & Vincent worked together in the same company 8 years ago.

Diederik Syoen

“Cheqroom has a good story. Vincent has managed to build something based on his own experiences, turned it into a largely bootstrapped company, and found a strong product-market fit along the way. In a couple of years, with a handful of people. That’s quite something.”

Diederik’s goals are clear. “My intention, together with the growing team, is to turn that product-market fit into a true go-to-market strategy. Scaling and bringing Cheqroom to a larger audience.”

“I’m certainly not the type of marketer who has the hots for Adwords. But discovering who our customers are and what their product should look like - and then searching for new ways to reach them, that excites me.”

Jean-Marc Bosschem: scaling to excellence

Head of Sales Jean-Marc knows the tricks of the trade. He learned about sales and business development at Q8, Teamleader and Ziggu. What drew him to Cheqroom?

"Cheqroom is a backstage pass to the video industry. Getting to help those who make the series and news reports I watch and make their lives easier, certainly appealed to me."

Jean-Marc Bosschem

“Another factor for me was the ‘grandma test’: Cheqroom is very easy to explain.” Jean-Marc gives it a shot: “Like a library system for equipment rooms to track who has what, when you get it back and in what condition. Everyone understands that. Plus, the tool works as easy as it sounds.”

For Jean-Marc, it all comes down to the users.

“Video is a passion project. Makers put plenty into their craft, and we facilitate that by taking burdens away. It matters to the user, so it matters to me. That’s something I’ve always looked for in a company.”

Numbers matter to Jean-Marc. But he’s a people manager too.

"Yes, I'm a sales guy, I'm on a quest for growth. But operation excellence comes first: I will use all the experience I have to build an environment where talent feels supported, is allowed to grow and - of course - can perform.”

Cheqroom's end goal?

It’s silly to move forward and not know where you’re going to. So where are we going with all of this? What is on the horizon? Our CEO Vincent brings clarity:

“Cheqroom's end goal is to spread our vision on better equipment management. To build delightfully simple tools that solve equipment management for media producers who have no time or (head)space for those equipment issues.”

That often brings about a mindset change in new customers. Vincent explains: “There’s often some change management involved when companies start with Cheqroom. We’re looking for a first Head of Customer Success, who will ensure smooth sailing through smart, customer-friendly processes. Getting thousands of users acquainted with best practices is key.”

Relocation 4.0

Growth has meant relocation three times already, but fourth time’s a charm: the entire team has a whole space to themselves in Eskimofabriek in Ghent from December onwards. We’ll even have some spots for freelancers.

We have always embraced remote work, and we will of course keep that flexibility going forward. “But it’s great to have a space of our own to sometimes think and celebrate success together,” Vincent says.

“By the end of next year, we should be almost 40 people strong. We’re leveling up continuously.”

Oct 26, 2020 Written by Hana Belbecir