Cheqroom announces new plans & new features

It’s been a fast 7 years. Since its inception, Cheqroom has grown from a good asset management tool into what might be the most powerful asset management software out there. We achieved that by working with you on location and molding your feedback into 16+ new features in 2019 and 2018 alone.

Since mid-2018, our pricing and packaging have remained unchanged. From what you told us, we’ve learned that our pricing plans no longer reflect the individual customer profiles. Now, with dozens of better workflows released over the span of a 24-month period and loads of brand-new functionality in the pipeline, they don’t reflect Cheqroom's value anymore either. Simply put: we need to change it up.

This summer, we’re completely revamping the way Cheqroom is priced and packaged, to better suit the needs of you, the customer, and to keep on investing in a better product. In the same breath, we’re releasing a handful of great new features you’ll grow to love - if you weren’t clamoring for them already!

This is a win-win situation for both parties. Allow me to explain why.

Why are we doing this now?

The pricing change was overdue for two reasons: our pricing no longer reflect the tool we offer and we realized our customers each have their specific needs and, to better answer those specificities, we needed to come up with more options to choose from.

1. Our tool has outgrown our prices

As some of you might recall, we updated our pricing plan only once in Cheqroom's existence. That was mid-2018. Cheqroom has much improved since then, with tons of value created for our customers. Our price simply lagged behind.

We want to be completely upfront about this: the extra cash these new plans bring in will help us leaps and bounds to keep on improving our software, with more great features for new and existing customers alike. For us, this increased revenue means the power to strengthen our development team. For you, that means a better product.

Basically, it helps us create more value faster. That makes everyone happier in the long run.

2. Customers need more plans to choose from

The second reason involves our growing understanding of our customers’ ways of working.

You see, Cheqroom customers come in many different shapes and sizes… but our pricing plan has only four options. There’s an imbalance there that we needed to fix. After all, we want to give our clientele more tailored options to choose from. Just Basic and Everything does not cut it anymore.

Plus, all options in every plan makes for clunky software that makes it hard to find exactly what you need. Take our new Essentials plan for example: less features, but exactly the ones the Essential-type customer needs, and budget-friendly.

Most companies can benefit from the more basic workflows offered here. Where they will usually settle for a simple spreadsheet, we give them a sexier, collaborative tool with a mobile app included. A world of difference compared to what they were used to. We call it ‘the minimal loveable version’ of Cheqroom.

The Essential plan also helps us to better serve the segment of individual equipment managers looking for a plan that solves their pains, with options to grow into more collaborative features over time.

On the other hand, we have schools. Not all schools’ needs are alike either.

Until now, they all used to go on the Academic plan. Overloaded with features that plenty of schools didn’t use. So we decided to make a much better plan for them.

Here as well, we’re reaching out to college professors, for example, who want a fast way to start using Cheqroom, pay with their own credit card and charge it as an expense - instead of having to go through the entire school board to get it approved.

On the enterprise side, our biggest clients gain more control with Single Sign-On, customer user roles, the audit trail of logins, and much more features that boost accountability.

This summer’s blockbuster features

Like I said, the increased revenue that comes with the new plans gives us the power to invest even more in software development. There will be more and better features, and thus happier clients.

Let’s dive a little deeper into what we have been working on. Coming to you, this summer:

  • SSO The long-awaited and heavily requested single sign-on. None of our customers need another set of passwords in their life. We heard you loud and clear.
  • SMS notifications This is also something many customers have been waiting on. Instead of following up on overdue check-outs via email or phone call, just send users a text message they can read right away.
  • Equipment list Companies and schools will be able to publish a real-time list of their available equipment on their own website. Enormously handy if they want their freelancers or students to know what is available without necessarily giving them their own Cheqroom account. The much better alternative to an exported list in an instantly obsolete spreadsheet.
  • Spotcheck Allows you to quickly check on inventory on the spot. What’s in a name? Users can scan up to one hundred QR codes within a minute. Accountability goes up, misplaced items go down, the inventory chore gets reduced to a minimum.

    Spotcheck creates a new kind of workflow: quickly scan things and check if you have all the items on your list. “Do we have everything?” is a question Spotcheck lets you answer in a minute.

We’ve also got features for bigger companies in the pipeline, like the Activity feed and User Audit Log. But we’ll communicate about that later. Stay tuned!

Introducing 6 new plans to suit your needs

We’ve bundled up our features across 6 new plans to be rolled out on June 15th. Each one corresponds to a specific customer profile we’ve identified.

You used to have Basic and Everything. Now, there’s a little something for everybody:

  • Essentials The most stripped-down and affordable version of Cheqroom to keep things simple and organized. If you need to keep an eye on inventory and who’s using what, this is your plan. With all the basic features available to keep track of those custody items and their data, including their full history timeline.
  • Standard A step above Essential, this plan offers collaborative features for teams to track equipment. Suited for equipment pools with both short- and long-term lend-outs.
  • Plus A more advanced plan for more advanced needs. Equipped with the most powerful features, the Plus Plan allows you to take equipment management to the next level. Customization and creating the perfect workflow is key. Fit to support any media, broadcasting & event teams that focus on integrations, custom user roles, reporting and more.
  • Premium The most care-free solution we have on offer, for larger organizations that want to leave nothing to chance. Fully featured for different teams, with customized T&C’s, billing options, and security documents. Includes premium support, dedicated account manager, custom training sessions for account setup and a starting package of asset labels.
  • Academic Essentials All the basic features that allow you to track your equipment and set up simple workflows for students and staff to enhance your current equipment management process. Designed for smaller schools or universities that don’t necessarily want to go through the purchasing process (just yet) and can pay by credit card.
  • Academic Premium The care-free solution for larger universities and colleges needing the smoothest possible transition from their current system to a more professional one. Includes premium support, dedicated account manager, custom training sessions for account setup and a starting package of asset labels.

All new Cheqroom plans are available now. For more information, including full features list and pricing, visit our pricing page.

What changes for existing customers?

Existing customers can comfortably stay on their pricing plan and change their item quota within that plan until the end of 2020. After that, they can stay on their old plan at that item level and can only upgrade to one of the new plans.

If existing customers want to switch, they automatically have to choose between one of the new plans. Switching or downgrading between old plans will not be possible.

Important to note: this summer’s new features will not be automatically added to the existing plans. Every customer will get the chance to upgrade to a new plan to get access to the new features. But the Cheqroom you know and love today doesn’t have to change if you don’t want it to.

In time, every customer will have to choose a new plan, but we are making the transitional period as long as it needs to be for every customer to make the best choice.

Jun 04, 2020 Written by Vincent Theeten