Ideas, Tips and Simple Ways to Make Inventory Management Easier and a Priority
past of equipment tacking

The history of equipment tracking: The Past (Part I)

How much things do I have? And where are they? Simple questions, but they can be surprisingly difficult to answer….

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Easier than ever to try CHEQROOM yourself!

Curious to discover yourself how much easier equipment management can be? Then try our free 21 day trial, no credit…

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9 great tips to prepare your equipment for a business event.

Not all of us were born event planners, but with the right preparations and equipment event management tools, everyone can…

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The Value of Equipment Maintenance Software

Managing your equipment maintenance (and facility maintenance) can be a tiring task, especially when done ‘the old way’. Time to…

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New Features: More Powerful Category Search

Our newly improved category search offers a more structured, accessible and transparent overview to speed up your searches. It’s now…

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New Features: Generate PDF Order Agreements

Employee Loan Agreement Rental Agreement Customisable One of our most striking new features is the possibility to swiftly generate PDF…

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Avoid double bookings

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve just released a new version of CHEQROOM. Check out our newest features…

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Attachments everywhere

We’re pleased to tell you that we’ve just rolled out a new version of CHEQROOM. These are our latest changes…

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New Release: Ready to make equipment Reservations with CHEQROOM?

Operating a rental company gets really busy at times, so you need to make sure that you have enough equipment…

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CHEQROOM expands its innovative new inventory tracking App for United States Markets – and the rest of the World

PRESS RELEASE 5 November 2013 Last year, CHEQROOM launched an exciting new software app devoted to making it easy for…

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CHEQROOM available for Android

Always wanted to try CHEQROOM but you’re using an Android device? Or maybe there’s a mix of iOS and Android…

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new ui screenshot

More intuitive and easier to use: meet the redesigned CHEQROOM

CHEQROOM has a brand-new look and feel. During the last weeks, we’ve been incredibly busy improving and polishing our web…

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