Ideas, Tips and Simple Ways to Make Inventory Management Easier and a Priority


present of equipment tracking

The history of equipment tracking: The Present (Part II)

The present & the past Where we are today is of course influenced by what happened before. Interested in the…

past of equipment tacking

The history of equipment tracking: The Past (Part I)

How much things do I have? And where are they? Simple questions, but they can be surprisingly difficult to answer….

Easier than ever to try CHEQROOM yourself!

Curious to discover yourself how much easier equipment management can be? Then try our free 21 day trial, no credit…

Lost or stolen equipment – what now?

It is a sad fact of life that inevitably some of your equipment or material will be lost or stolen….

9 great tips to prepare your equipment for a business event.

Not all of us were born event planners, but with the right preparations and equipment event management tools, everyone can…

5 Tips to Efficiently Manage and Track Loan-Outs

Lending out equipment to customers, employees or students has countless benefits, but it can end badly if not managed optimally….

The Value of Equipment Maintenance Software

Managing your equipment maintenance (and facility maintenance) can be a tiring task, especially when done ‘the old way’. Time to…

New Features: More Powerful Category Search

Our newly improved category search offers a more structured, accessible and transparent overview to speed up your searches. It’s now…

New Features: Generate PDF Order Agreements

Employee Loan Agreement Rental Agreement Customisable One of our most striking new features is the possibility to swiftly generate PDF…