Ideas, Tips and Simple Ways to Make Inventory Management Easier and a Priority

2020 in review: looking back & forward

TL;DR? watch this video! Q: How do you look back on a year everyone wants to forget? A: By focusing…

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preparing equipment

6 valuable reports to be prepared for 2021 with Cheqroom

There’s nothing better than a good and fresh start of the New Year. And that’s why taking those last moments…

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10 Fun & Original Gift Ideas for your AV Team

Ahhh. Holidays. It’s all about the coziness and mentally preparing ourselves for those family dinners that will make us doze…

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6 reasons to implement Spotcheck

A regular inspection or audit of your equipment room is mighty important if you want to be on top of…

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Meet Cheqroom’s new Management team

Cheqroom likes to keep things moving. We can’t wait to get ahead, always looking to where we want to go…

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7 Equipment Room Quick Tips

As many of you know: handling equipment and having many team members rushing in and out of the equipment room…

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inventory management

8 Tips for better equipment inventory management

Your equipment is a vital part of your business. But are you making the most of it? Read on to…

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needs sanitizing flag

Managing your assets in the new normal with Cheqroom

About half a year ago, we had to completely change the way we work due to COVID-19 restrictions and local…

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5 Tips to Super Boost your Productivity as an Equipment Manager

As we all know: time is a very precious thing. But sometimes, even though you try hard to stay organized,…

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shareable equipment list

The shareable equipment list is here to simplify your workflow

Cheqroom now supports shareable and public equipment lists. They come in handy if you want to share a specific list…

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Feature release: Introducing SMS notifications

Notifications are a great way to get aligned and notify users and administrators on multiple topics. We already support push…

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Feature release: Introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) in Cheqroom

Cheqroom is now part of the SSO family. Many customers were asking for SSO, we listened, and here we are….

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