Ideas, Tips and Simple Ways to Make Inventory Management Easier and a Priority
rental business

Starting an equipment rental business? Here is our advice!

Are you thinking about starting a rental business? Get off to a great start with these tips! It doesn’t matter…

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remote work with cheqroom

4 ways to facilitate remote work with CHEQROOM

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room just for a second. Simply because there is no way around it:…

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User Roles & Permissions

Feature Release: User Roles & Permissions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to building software for your needs. We understand that every company and school is unique…

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[VIDEO] Gathering Customer Feedback in New York

Our customers mean a lot to us and we realize that if we’re going to build a solution that really…

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cheqroom year in review

2019 Year in review: looking back & forward

2019 was all kinds of awesome for CHEQROOM. We kept up the momentum we ended 2018 with, assembled a team…

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10 features in 2019

These are the 10 features we launched in 2019

2019 was a crazy busy year for the development team. We listened to your needs and worked hard to give…

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QR codes

10 Examples of using QR codes to track your smallbiz inventory

1. IT equipment. Do you know how many items you have, in which shape are they and who has them?…

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warranty notifications cheqroom

Introducing Warranty Notifications

Imagine this: a videographer on your team checks out one of your most expensive lenses and realizes once on the…

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5 Tips to Efficiently Manage and Track Loan-Outs

Lending out equipment to customers, employees or students has countless benefits, but it can end badly if not managed optimally….

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flagging featured image

Introducing the new and improved equipment flagging

Our new and improved equipment flagging feature gives you a lot more flexibility when dealing with faulty equipment and repair…

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team cheqroom in barcelona

Aftermovie: CHEQROOM team in Barcelona!

As you might have noticed, the CHEQROOM team has been growing fast in the past couple of months. We’ve welcomed…

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ibc show 2019

These were the most impressive booths of IBC2019

We had a blast at this year’s IBC! We got to meet a lot of our customers in real life,…

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