Make Double Equipment Bookings a thing of the Past

Self-service bookings can save equipment managers and administrators a lot of time.

They can also create a ton of headaches if students and other self-service users carelessly (or thoughtlessly) ignore existing booking conflicts or check-out/check-in locations when reserving equipment.

Put those aspirins away! CHEQROOM to the rescue!

Now there’s a handy feature that will prevent self-service from becoming more trouble than it’s worth. With our new permissions feature, equipment managers and admins can allow or deny users the ability to ignore conflicts when booking equipment.

Instead of fixing double equipment bookings, it’s easier to prevent them before they happen.

Of course, sometimes schedules change and there’s no way to completely eliminate double equipment bookings and conflicts. But rather than having to sort out the problem in the heat of the moment, when both Team A and Team B are demanding their equipment, managers will be able to spot and resolve conflicts before they happen.

Allow or deny permissions to double book equipment

And like all other permission features, supervisors and managers can designate which users are able to ignore conflicts. Take a look at the items outlined in red and you’ll see how easy it is to enable the feature.

Making your life easier

As with every new feature and improvement we make to CHEQROOM, our aim is always to make your life easier, and to make it easier for you and your users to do what you with the fewest problems and the highest level of confidence.