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Refer a Friend to CHEQROOM and Get $50 !

With the Holidays around the corner, we are happy to announce our new referral program: get a $50 Amazon gift card for every friend you refer to CHEQROOM!

As a dedicated user of CHEQROOM, you probably have friends and associates who might be able to use the service themselves.

Maybe they’re a colleague who needs to track his own equipment assets, or a partner from a large project you’ve done in the past. Now, with the new referral program, you can spread around the advantages of using CHEQROOM to everyone you know, and get a little reward for yourself, too!

Want to know more? Just keep reading!

What is the referral program?

At CHEQROOM, the referral is a way of saying Thank You and doing something special to give back to you. As a valued member of the CHEQROOM community, you can take advantage of it!

When you introduce someone to CHEQROOM, they get a great solution for their equipment management issues and you get $50 to spend on Amazon. That’s a great deal for everyone!

How does it work?

Simply go to your CHEQROOM account and click the gift icon in the top right corner.

Fill in your friend’s information and hit ‘Refer a friend’. They will then receive an email invitation to try out CHEQROOM for their equipment management.

What’s next?

When your friends and contacts come to CHEQROOM following your invitation, they can sign up for the great software and services that you already know about.

When one of your contacts signs up for CHEQROOM and opts for a paid account, we’ll send you your $50 Amazon gift card.

Help out your friends with their asset management!

It’s always a great feeling to help out your friends. And to be able to help out this great community of customers with our referral program is just an added benefit for you! Your friends can get something out of it, and you can get something out of it. It’s a win for everybody!

Ready to share the CHEQROOM love and get yourself a nice little gift for the holidays?

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