3 Steps to Roll Out your New Equipment Management Software


You’ve chosen CHEQROOM as your equipment management software and taken the first step towards a more efficient and economical way to keep track of your assets. It’s very exciting but also a little bit scary. Never fear! CHEQROOM is with you from the very beginning… even before the beginning.

First things first: make a plan.

Think through all the steps of the transition.

  • Who will be involved in each step?
  • How much time will it take?
  • What kind of assistance or other resources will you need?

This will help you personally be prepared; also, mapping out the processes will help you clearly communicate to others what they can expect and what is expected of them. The more planning ahead of time, the higher the chances of a stress-free implementation.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get ready to make the transition to a equipment management software:

1. Prepare Your Data

Before it comes time to input or migrate your data into CHEQROOM’s equipment management & maintenance software, be sure you know what specifically is needed, where to look in your files, and who to contact for any additional information you may need.

You probably already have some spreadsheets with equipment data. Now’s the time to go through them.

Decide which pieces will go into the system and which ones it might be time to retire, and then compile a master list. Having this done ahead of time will save you tons of time and frustration during the implementation phase.

2. Prepare Your Staff

One of the hardest parts of implementing a new equipment tracking and maintenance software is getting users to change their old habits for new ones. So you’ll want to start getting them ready before the software goes live.

Communication is key.

Everyone involved with the transition should have a clear understanding of what will happen, what everyone’s responsibilities are, and what the timeline is. And your end users should be kept up to date with the progress regularly. This is a great opportunity to get them excited about the new system while you’re putting new equipment management procedures in place.

To help you out, we’ve created an e-mail template for you to customize and use. It will give team members an idea of what they can do with CHEQROOM and also help to generate some buzz around the workplace. Be sure to follow up with instructions to users for setting up an account and logging in.

One more thing — CHEQROOM is a cloud-based system so make sure that all users have working mobile phones with internet access.

3. Implement in phases

Before rolling CHEQROOM out in the whole company:

Pick one department or team, one type of equipment or one equipment room for a pilot rollout.

This will prevent a mass of confusion and enable you to work out the system bugs in a controlled environment. It will also let you see where users need more help, so you can tweak your training and intro sessions.

Don’t forget to keep CHEQROOM up to speed as you roll the software out. If you experience any hiccups be sure to let us know right away. Don’t suffer while you try desperately to figure out the problem on your own. No one gets points for that.

Don’t sweat it!

It’s impossible to think of everything ahead of time, but with some advance planning will help you and your teams make the transition as smoothly as possible. And always remember, we’re here to help. So give us a call or shoot us an e-mail any time.

Good luck!

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