streamline asset management

3 Ways to Streamline Your Asset Management with Less Resources

You want your equipment to run properly for the longest lifespan possible. Here are 3 ways to improve its level of performance and profitability. With less resources!

1. Leave those spreadsheets behind

leave spreadsheets behind

First of all, I’d like to point out how great it is that equipment management has evolved from manual and time-consuming processes to online and easy-to-use systems.

Because you see, spreadsheets were not designed to manage the complexities of inventory tracking. They lack traceability and controls on who can see or edit records made by other users.

Fortunately, today there are dozens of online tools that eliminate this problem. In case you’re one of the companies that has adopted this approach, you are on the right track.

2. Move your inventory to the cloud


Keeping track of your expensive assets and important gear comes with a lot of challenges. If you haven’t moved to the cloud yet, you may want to know how it could benefit you:

  • Prevent your items from disappearing or being misplaced
  • Always know who is using that particular asset and when it’s due to be returned
  • Manage your valuable equipment from any device
  • Easily track the condition and the location of your expensive equipment
  • Keep your maintenance records in a secure environment
  • Checking items in and out only takes seconds

3. Make your inventory management tasks less time-consuming


The thing is though, that there’s always lots to do for equipment managers. They have to deal with literally everything and more. Responsibilities include purchasing, maintenance, administration and keeping inventory of all the assets.

Needless to say, an equipment manager – the administrator – is in charge of all orders and reservations. As you can see: this is a busy job. Maybe a bit too busy.

There must be a way to make inventory management less time-consuming, right? A self-service module for example enables users to book reservations themselves.

This could especially come in handy at schools where lots of students are using valuable equipment.

Students can see which equipment is available and make reservations

Imagine this: with Cheqroom, your students can just manage their equipment from their mobile devices, using all of the same features (uploading attachments, photos, scanning, geo tagging, ..) as the desktop version. Yes, you read it right: the only thing they need is their smartphone!

So here are 3 ways this feature will save you a ton of headache:

  1. Let users manage their own check-ins and check-outs with their mobile devices: to put it simply: you’ll worry less, and save more time and money.
  2. Provide your users with an overview of their orders: so that you don’t need to keep track of everything. It’s also a perfect way to cut your wage costs!
  3. Get a clear overview of all self-service users and follow the status of the equipment they are currently using. This way, you will definitely maximize the efficiency and extend the life of your equipment.