cheqroom year in review 2018

This was 2018 at CHEQROOM!

Right before everyone’s favorite time of the year starts, we’d like to take some time to reflect on what we’ve been doing this past year.

2018 has certainly been a good year for CHEQROOM, in terms of product development, customers growth and also for our team. We’ve upped our speed and would like to start 2019 at the same pace.


The app evolved so much we even had to rethink the navigation because there were too many new features.

Of the new feature we launched, we are definitely most proud of:

This year our app got 55 extra reviews on Capterra, keeping a rating of 4.5 / 5 stars on average.


Not bad, uh?

And have you noticed how excellent our uptime has been? The average this year was 99.95%!

One. Hundred. Percent. Well, almost. How is that even possible? We have an awesome technical team. Big ups! 🙌

Doubled the team, doubled the fun 👯‍♀️

In 2018, CHEQROOM grew a lot and doubled their team. We’ve had double so much fun but we also worked very hard and now have room for more colleagues.

In 2019, we’re planning on doubling the team again. We’ll be hiring:

  • developers
  • salespeople
  • customer success managers
  • and marketers.

Think you got what it takes? Check out our jobs page.

There is also room for a bunch of interns, so if you feel like you’d love to learn fast and get amazing things done for our awesome customers in a fast-paced tech startup, drop us a line!

… and the work! 📈

Yes, we had loads of fun at work this year… but we also worked. A lot.

Here’s a few number to give you and idea of how much we did.

Since we’re a remote team, we use the easiest chat app Slack. And we like it a lot! We’ve been sending 366,810 messages.

Our customer success team handled a total of 12698 conversations.💪

All with very nice ratings…


Customer metrics

Our customers made our year, so we couldn’t give a proper year in review without talking about how they used our app.

  • Total number of CHEQROOM users: 29K 🚀
  • Total number of equipment checkouts: 299.9K – yep, that’s right, almost 300K!
  • Number of items of equipment registered in CHEQROOM – and didn’t get lost in 2018: 227.7K

Thank you 🙌

Thank you for this amazing year! We couldn’t have done this without our amazing customers.

Thank you for using CHEQROOM, suggesting features on our public roadmap, sending us your feedback for our Wall of Love and letting us talk about your experience in our case studies.

Let’s make 2019 as awesome as 2018. Or better. Yes, let’s make it even better. 🤩

Is your equipment room ready for a new year of awesomeness? Here’s a few tips on how to get ready for 2019!

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