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Denison University is a liberal arts college located in Granville, Ohio, offering some 60 academic programs ranging from Antropology to Women’s Studies, Cinema and Theatre.

Anthony Silvis is a Cinema Technician at the university and is also in charge of the Cinema department’s equipment inventory. He started looking for a better solution for the department’s equipment management and found CHEQROOM.

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Before: A one-man operation

Before using CHEQROOM, Anthony was relying on Google Forms to mark both student and staff reservations of their gear. With a growing inventory and a growing number of students, it became too much work for Anthony to keep track of everything by himself, so he looked for a better solution and found CHEQROOM. Being impressed by the system and its features, he decided to give it a go and implemented the software last year to manage over 600 pieces of AV equipment.

After a conversation with CHEQROOM’s customer service, Anthony found out his colleagues at Kent State University were also using the software and got into contact with them to discuss how they had set up their account.

“Bob and Tracy from Kent State University (read their case study) came down here to show me how they’ve been using CHEQROOM and shared some best practices.”

CHEQROOM has been a big help in managing our growing inventory and growing number of students.

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Now: It’s all about working together

With CHEQROOM, students and staff members can book equipment they need for their classes and projects ahead of time, which leaves Anthony with enough time to prepare all the gear. And having the ability to assemble items into Kits has been a huge time-saver, since they have a lot of items in bundles, with smaller items such as batteries and cables.

“Besides Kits, my favorite feature would be the Custody module. We often have projects that last until the end of the semester. Now I can easily assign items into students’ Custody and when they come and pick them up, I make them sign a PDF agreement on the spot.”

The mobile app has been a hit with both students and staff members.

“Our students have been mostly using the mobile app and have been loving it. The way they can search for items by category and class is very intuitive. Plus, they get reminders on when they need to pick up and return their gear so that saves me some time as well. I personally love the fact that I can scan everything by using our tablet and it goes really fast!”

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