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FUJIFILM Australia is a leading force in the distribution of imaging equipment and services to the photographic, medical and graphic systems markets.


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Loan management system from the dark ages

Leigh Diprose has been with the company since 2013 and is their Direct Market Communications Specialist.

“Inheriting a loan management system from the dark ages (otherwise known as an extensive Excel spreadsheet system) certainly wasn’t my idea of valuable productivity.Leigh from FUJIFILM Australia

The entrenched system was an entirely offline, manual process which required continual focus and attention to detail. Juggling equipment loans and more importantly overdue loans was a hassle! Research had shown there was a better way.”

CHEQROOM was a saviour

“CHEQROOM fortunately was a saviour in managing hundreds of serial numbers, customers, locations and contracts. Finally we could say goodbye to the arctic systems of Microsoft and hello to the streamlined experience of CHEQROOM.”

More productivity, less overdue loans

As a result of implementing CHEQROOM at FUJIFILM Australia, we have increased our productivity of media loans, influencer reviews and more importantly reduced the amount of overdue loans thanks to clever hosting and automation.

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