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How B2Bike manages a fleet of e-bikes with CHEQROOM

CHEQROOM helps us save time, and the tool is very professional.
Johan De Mulder
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Johan De Mulder, founder of B2Bike uses CHEQROOM to manage 250 assets of which his extensive bike fleet. B2Bike is the go-to company for bicycle leasing and purchase for companies. They have a strong and extensive network of bike shops with an elaborate choice of models of over 200 brands.
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Challenges before CHEQROOM

“Tracking equipment using spreadsheets or Word documents became too much of a hassle and of course there was no way to track due dates.” Before CHEQROOM, B2Bike used to manage their gear with spreadsheets. This was a good solution at first when they did not have many assets and when the team was still small. After a while spreadsheets turned out to be a hassle as someone always forgot to bring something back. It was hard to keep track of who that person was, who was in charge of follow-up etc. As the company grew, it was way beyond what they could manage in an efficient way.

How do you use CHEQROOM?

Today, there are 14 users within CHEQROOM. They mostly use CHEQROOM to check-out equipment when someone is picking up a bike, a charger, a helmet,… Everything at B2Bike is labeled with a QR code. Within CHEQROOM they can see what gear they have available and what would fit for a certain person, taking into account their height and needs. They can also add extra gear to a reservation such as locks, a child seat, …

Favourite feature?

“That would be geolocation. With this feature, we know exactly where we last scanned the bike. In general, I feel like you are always ahead of us in creating features. Sometimes we think a certain feature might be helpful and it’s like you can read our minds, because it usually magically appears in your next feature release.”

What’s the impact now that you use CHEQROOM?

“We can definitely say there are less losses with CHEQROOM compared to spreadsheets. It also makes our company look good. People are able to sign contracts within CHEQROOm on the tablet, which makes us look professional.”

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