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The York College at CUNY transitioned to hassle-free online equipment bookings with CHEQROOM

Being able to just log into CHEQROOM on their phone or laptop at any time to make a reservation has been a big improvement for our staff members.
Brian Jailall
Media Technology Supervisor
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York College is a public college located in Queens, New York and is part of the City University of New York (CUNY).

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Brian Jailall is the media technology supervisor of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies at York College. Brian and his team use CHEQROOM to manage equipment for their Communication Technology classes and equipment loans for events on campus.

In-person bookings
Quirky system
Hard to manage recurring bookings
Online bookings
Solution that fits our needs
Easily editable bookings

Before CHEQROOM: a quirky offline system

“When looking for inventory software, I wanted to find a system that was easily customizable to suit the specific needs of the department. Great online features available to end-users were also essential. The previous system that we had was poor for online users and it had a lot of quirks that didn’t go well with our inventory system.”

Intuitive app, cloud-based, and great pricing

“CHEQROOM was the best partner for us because it fulfills all our needs and has competitive pricing. The mobile app is definitely an added bonus: it’s very intuitive and fun to use.

With CHEQROOM our users are now able to log on, pick the equipment that they want whenever they like. A lot of our faculty members and staff depend on it.”

iphone with cheqroom mobile app
The CHEQROOM mobile app is intuitive and fun to use

“The learning curve for CHEQROOM wasn’t steep at all for me and my team. For our end-users, there were a few small bumps in the road, because they had to adapt to a whole new system, but overall everyone got on board the self-service mode pretty quickly.”.

Flexible, editable reservations

“One of the problems we had in the past was editing recurring reservations. Sometimes a faculty member would start using a certain type of equipment and then change their mind along the way. We then had to delete all the reservations manually because we made an entire semester of reservations for them. ”

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Brian and his team use CHEQROOM to track over 18000 pieces of equipment

“In CHEQROOM we can just edit the existing reservation in a few clicks.”

Biggest return: user satisfaction

“The biggest return for us would be the satisfaction of our users. The solution that we used before CHEQROOM had limited online features, which resulted in many unsatisfied users.”

“Professors weren’t able to make their own bookings, so whenever they needed equipment for a class, they’d have to drop by or give us a call to make a reservation. Being able to just log into CHEQROOM on their phone or laptop at any time to make a reservation has been a big improvement.”

In his job as a technology supervisor, the mobile app has saved Brian a lot of time: “It allows me to easily move from one space to the other while still using the app instead of having to be stationed at a computer like I used to with the old software.”

cuny equipment room
Equipment room of the CTLET department at York College

“Managing equipment on my phone has saved me a lot of trips to the equipment room. For instance, when I’m carrying equipment from a classroom back to the equipment room and a staff member stops me on the way because they need that equipment right now, I can easily check it out to them on the spot. Saves both of us a lot of time.”

I would recommend CHEQROOM to other schools

Brian would definitely recommend CHEQROOM to other schools, “especially for the online features it offers, the inventory tracking, the detailed reports, and the excellent mobile app. The user interface is also pretty straightforward so it’s easy to learn and use.”

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