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CHEQROOM helped Ginkgo Agency with getting equipment management mistakes to a minimum

It's the best app for gear management out there.
Dominic Taylor
Camera Operator and Video Editor
Company details
Cape Town
Inventory size
2000+ items
Favorite feature
Scanning barcodes
Using since
Ginkgo Agency is a content format agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. They create compelling stories in the form of videos, photographs and text. Dominic Taylor is Camera Operator and Video Editor at the agency.
Excel struggle
No real system
Efficient equipment tracking
More accountability
Easy stock takes

Struggling with Excel

Ginkgo Agency uses CHEQROOM to manage both their office and film equipment, ranging from cameras and lenses to monitors and keyboards. Before using the app, they relied on Excel to manage their equipment. “We previously tracked everything on Excel spreadsheets which featured numerous mistakes and were a struggle to keep up to date.”

Tracking equipment more efficiently

“We can now track individual items far more efficiently. The custody setting allows us to assign items to individuals improving the process when doing stock takes.” “We have loaded all our staff on it as contacts and we place the items that each individual uses under their custody. Each staff member knows that they are responsible for those items and when we do stock takes we can simply go to that person and check where the items are. Hence the custody feature is very important for us.” “We mark all office items with the CHEQROOM stickers and are looking forward to test the new dot labels to mark our filming gear.”
shooting photographs ginkgo agency
Photographer at work, credits: Ginkgo
“The shooters, like myself, also use CHEQROOM to check in and out film equipment.”

Equipment information straight to insurance

“Our finance team also exports all the equipment and generate an Excel that they send to insurance. They edit the original export to calculate value totals for each category, as well as for all items combined.”

Best app for gear management

“CHEQROOM is user-friendly, simple and multifunctional. CHEQROOM seems to be the best app for gear management out there.” “Although we don’t use it that much, the scanning option is probably the feature I love the most, as you can get all the info you need with just one scan.”

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