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Darkhorse went from having no system in place to setting up a streamlined reservations and check-out process using CHEQROOM

We now have a pretty robust process in place for equipment reservations and check-outs.
Jennifer Whooley
Production Operations Manager
Company details
Auckland, New Zealand
Inventory size
275+ items
Favorite feature
Flagging & Kits
Using since

Darkhorse is a brand experience agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. They do PR, digital marketing and event marketing for big brands like Veuve Clicquot, Heineken and Nespresso.

No system in place
No tracking of items' condition
Storage of clients' assets
Streamlined system
Precise info on condition
Clients have self-service access

Before: No real system in place

Jennifer Whooley is in the events team and manages the logistics side of things for events, brand activations, and experiential marketing.

“We build a lot of props and event spaces ourselves, so we have a dedicated design and building team. All of the assets are held in a small warehouse, where we also do the upbuild. In addition to keeping our own assets, we store various promotional materials that belong to our clients.”

Jennifer from darkhorse
Jennifer manages the logistics at Darkhorse,credits: Darkhorse.com

Before using CHEQROOM, the team at Darkhorse didn’t really have a system in place to track and manage their assets.

“So in terms of tracking assets, where they were, what condition they were in – which is quite a big one for us – and what we had planned for them… Everything was very vague.

Managing our assets had become quite difficult because there was no system in place.”

Now: Tracking assets from reservation to checkout

“We had already been using CHEQROOM, but only recently started to use it in a better capacity. We can now be more across of what we have.”

“We also have two clients who are actively using CHEQROOM. They have a self-service account so they can only see their own assets, which we’ve done on a location basis. We set a location within our warehouse specifically to their company name and limit their access with that function. That way, they can always see what they have stored at our warehouse.

We like to keep our own inventory private, because every item has prices attached to them, etc. When customers want to book something for an event, they will email us and our team will book it through CHEQROOM.

Each event manager makes a run sheet for their events with all of their equipment reservations. They give that to me, I give it to our warehouse manager and run through it with him and he’ll prepare all of their equipment. And as it gets loaded onto the vehicle we’re using to ship it, he checks it out, so the checkout is done when assets physically leave the warehouse.”

Getting the team on board

“We have a very busy team at Darkhorse and we always have a lot going on. I took the quietest time we have – which is still quite busy – and I took that opportunity to say: ‘This is it going forth’ and I got a lot of support from management to say that it’s the only way you can book things from now on.

Everything now goes through this booking system and I talked the team through the reservations process and everyone was actually more excited than I expected. It all went very smoothly. We have a pretty robust process now.”

Favorite features: flagging & kits

“A lot of things come back damaged, because of transport or just from being at an event. I like that when you bring something back in, you can flag the item and say that it’s got a part missing or that it’s damaged.

darkhorse office
Darkorse office, credits: Darkhorse.com

Another really useful feature is having the info tab on the item level. Each asset has all the measurements and all the details of the asset written down. Knowing that the item I want to book is 1.6 meters by 12 meters and weighs 70kg makes it super easy to plan shipments.

Plus the kits: knowing that certain things belong together and are used together. It really matches our audio equipment. We often need a microphone, some speakers and a mixer, and we can have it all assembled in an audio kit. The same goes for lighting kits. That’s been very helpful as well!”

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