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SITECH optimized their entire asset managment system with CHEQROOM

It’s now easier than ever to retrieve equipment information quickly.
Kyle Mensings
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Marion, OH
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400+ items
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SITECH Midwest is part of the worldwide SITECH distribution network, which offers consultative advice on construction technology solutions, customized training, data services, installation, service, and technical support.
Manual lists
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Managing equipment was a bit of a crapshoot

For years, the company tracked its assets by manually keeping various lists and spreadsheets, wasting valuable time on unnecessary, duplicate work. It was hard to differentiate between loaners and rentals, and the method was far from efficient. “We needed something that reminds you where items should be and by when”. Kyle Mensing was the frontrunner for managing equipment, but this was no fun job, since the way they had been doing things was “a bit of a crapshoot”, and he needed some peace of mind. He searched the web for a solution and found CHEQROOM in the App store. With warehouses in 3 locations, around 400 items to track, and 7 people using the app, SITECH opted for CHEQROOM’s Professional plan.

Transfigured resource management

Kyle’s team has been successfully using the app to handle the coordination across the company and warehouses since October 2013, completely changing the way they manage their resources. “It’s now easier than ever to retrieve info quickly by simply scanning the item with a smartphone.” You immediately see the item’s picture with all the relevant info you need. Some employees use the web app, others use the mobile app. “It’s running great, and the implementation was very smooth, since the tool is user-friendly without a real learning curve”. Kyle did a small intro session with his teammates in each location, and everything was clear without any further questions. “The minor bumps we did encounter were quickly resolved thanks to CHEQROOM’s friendly support team”.

Using CHEQROOM was a breeze

After entering all data in the CHEQROOM app, Kyle visited each office to tag the equipment. “We could easily import customers and add items based on our existing Excel spreadsheets, and it was easy to replace some of the pictures suggested by the app with our own”. Since using CHEQROOM, coordinating across warehouses works better, Kyle has more peace of mind and is very glad that the app has relieved him from a previously arduous task. The whole asset tracking process is now much more efficient, saving precious time and money that can now be spent on further growth.

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