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How a rental studio in Copenhagen manages equipment internally and externally.

I would recommend CHEQROOM as it's easy, scallable and very intuitive.
Christian B.
Studio Manager
Company details
Inventory size
140 items
Favorite feature
Automatic PDF Generator
Using since
Yellows is a rental studio and photographer colab in Copenhagen. They manage 140+ items, mostly cameras and lenses. The team consists of 4 photographers and 2 videographers. They all book the equipment within CHEQROOM, but since they are also a rental business, external clients can also book their gear.

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Challenges before CHEQROOM

Before CHEQROOM, Yellows had a first come first serve rule. If you were the first one to rent out a piece of equipment it was yours. As the company grew and there were multiple projects happening at the same time, this was not possible anymore.

How do you use CHEQROOM?

Yellows uses CHEQROOM to manage and book equipment, both internally and externally. As many of our clients, they work with kits. Christian and his colleagues make kits for gear that they use often. When they then go to pick it up, they dont’ have to assemble multiple pieces of gear, they just have to open one kit, check that everything is in it, and they’re good to go.

Favourite feature

The automatic PDF generator is a popular feature at Yellows. This feature allows an image to be attached with a reservation. When picking up the gear you can easily match the image with the reservation, giving you confirmation that you picked up the right gear.

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