Equipment Management Software for Construction Companies

Stop losing valuable equipment with CHEQROOM

Equipment Management is Hard. We’ve got you covered.

Lost equipment

A lot of your expensive gear leaves on jobs but never finds its way back to your inventory.

Asset downtime

Construction equipment is fickle. Keeping everything in working order is a never-ending task.


Good luck trying to juggle several construction sites and provide all of the equipment required to get the job done.

Information is lagging

It is difficult to understand what is happening on-site when you are working remotely, and there is lag time between employees informing you of equipment issues once identified.

CHEQROOM helps you to keep your sites running smoothly

Maintenance planning

Schedule maintenance and inspections in due time and significantly reduce your equipment downtime.

Ownership transfers

Pass on the custody of any tool within seconds and keep a log of who’s using each piece of equipment.

Real-time inventory overview

Don’t lose track of your equipment’s location. Manage every individual item in your inventory in real-time, wherever you are.

“We’ve returned 15 000 dollars worth of use on a set of tools, which more than paid for the program.”

Stephen Alder

Stephen Alder

Tool room & Equipment manager at Lorentz Bruun Construction