Equipment Management Software for IT Managers

Keep ownership over all IT resources with CHEQROOM

Equipment Management is Hard. We’ve got you covered.

Employee equipment

Everyone in the company gets their own IT setup and it is your job to make sure everything is good to go when someone new comes in.

Sheer volume

From a large server to each individual keyboard: it’s up to you to know where each item came from and how often and intensely it has been used.

Technical rat race

Technology is changing so fast that you are constantly phasing out old equipment and checking any two given items for compatibility.

Spreadsheets can’t keep up

With so many moving parts, keeping accurate records of your IT equipment in Excel is an impossible feat. Your expensive gear deserves much better.

CHEQROOM helps you to keep your IT assets in check

Easy mobile access

With CHEQROOM, you can access your full inventory in real-time at all times, whether you are sitting at your desk or working on location.

Maintenance planning

Don’t let failing equipment catch you by surprise. Schedule regular maintenance to keep all of your assets in shipshape.

Records of all transactions

Save time and increase accountability by automatically generating a new, complete PDF agreement for new employee work stations or other hardware checkouts.

“CHEQROOM makes our work easier, faster, more accurate and reliable.”

Eduardo Gonçalves

Eduardo Gonçalves

General Manager at Futurdata
Century 21