Equipment Management Software for Schools & Universities

Manage your audiovisual equipment with CHEQROOM

Equipment Management is Hard. We’ve got you covered.

Tight budgets

You’re dealing with huge budget constraints as is, so it’s important to make every cent count.

Equipment is scattered across departments

Every department needs its own things and it’s hard to keep track of every single item at all times.

Students come and go

This means you have to manage a constant stream of new records and contacts and make sure all data stays relevant and up-to-date.

Spreadsheets can’t keep up

With so many moving parts, keeping accurate records of your audio-visual equipment in Excel is an impossible feat. Your expensive AV gear deserves much better.

CHEQROOM helps you to keep an overview of your assets

User-friendly records of all transactions

Save time and increase accountability by automatically generating a new, complete PDF agreement whenever an item is checked out.

Self-service for students

Unburden your teaching staff by allowing students to create personal accounts for easy checkouts.

Intuitive issue logging

Defective or malfunctioning items can be flagged easily and on the go. Notifications are sent to the product owner for swift replacement or problem-solving.

“Our equipment inventory, bookings and check-outs are now tightly integrated in one single environment”

Pamela Council

Pamela Council

Program Coordinator at School of Visual Arts
University of Texas at Dallas
University of Washington
Ohio University