Equipment Management Software for Video Producers

Simplify your checkout process with CHEQROOM

Equipment Management is Hard. We’ve got you covered.

Eliminate Spreadsheets

Check out equipment, scan QR code labels for instant and accurate data entry: all from your mobile device! No more paperwork required.

Your equipment is constantly moving

Studio shoots, indoor shoots, outdoor shoots, various sets: good luck keeping track of it all.

Fast-paced environments

You live your life on the road, hauling around equipment and racing against time to meet impossible deadlines. Haste makes waste, and equipment is forgotten or left in the wrong location.

You work with expensive gear

Odds are you’re using a special camera or lens that costs more than what you make in a year. Don’t be the one to have to explain to your manager how a priceless equipment vanished into thin air.

CHEQROOM makes your video equipment easy to track and maintain

Go mobile

Whether you are stuck on a set for a 16-hour work day or trudging through the forest for an intense action scene, CHEQROOM makes sure that you can track your equipment from anywhere, at all times.

Real-time overview

Don’t lose sight of your valuable equipment. Use the intuitive dashboards to monitor your equipment usage and to pull up a history of every item with the click of a button.

Avoid double bookings

Keep meticulous schedules and avoid counting on a camera that’s already being used for another shoot. CHEQROOM gives you a comprehensive overview of your equipment availability!

“Our equipment inventory, bookings and check-outs are now tightly integrated in one single environment”

Pamela Council

Pamela Council

Program Coordinator at School of Visual Arts
Warner Bros
Wall Street Journal