Download Your Free Equipment Sign-out Template

This check-out sheet will help equipment managers stay on top of valuable gear and will hold your staff more accountable.

Essential info about dates & equipment
Sign-off area for extra accountability
Clean, elegant & ready-to-print layout

Managing your equipment is an important part of running a cost-effective organization. If you don’t track your assets properly you could end up losing items and having to replace them, which can be pretty expensive. It’s also important to follow up on maintenance and damage. This is especially true when colleagues or students can sign out equipment.

What you need is an equipment sign-out form with all of the following information:

  • Organization details
  • The borrower’s details (name, address, phone, email)
  • Details about the equipment they’re checking out
  • A due back date
  • Late fees: if you’re planning on fining people for late returns, make sure you tell them beforehand
  • Terms & Conditions

Download your template now

Download your free equipment sign-out sheet template and improve your asset tracking today.