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The importance of good kit management

When it comes to AV and IT equipment, you often deal with equipment that is used together, most of the time. This can be a camera and a specific lens, or a GoPro that is always used with a stand and memory card.

If these are usually used together, why not assemble them in a bag or a case and give them a specific place in your equipment room. Team members will then just walk in and grab their favorite kit, without having to think twice about having all the different components they need for the shoot.

Have some kits in your equipment room? Then the following equipment room tips for kits will come in handy!

Leave some buffer equipment

When working on projects day-in and day-out, you can’t help but start having some favorites when it comes to equipment. If there’s one camera kit that never seems to let you down, why risk using another one, right?

But what if that lens that is part of your favorite kit suddenly isn’t working properly, or a specific cable that is used with that kit went missing?

When it comes down to kits, it can be useful (and sometimes necessary) to have that flexibility to mix-and-match. If you have some extra items that can be used with certain kits as well, leave them as a buffer and try to avoid putting all of your gear in kits.

You can place them in a separate tray nearby or on a specific shelf, and in case an item gets damaged, your team members can quickly look for a replacement in the tray.

Tag your Kits

You might already have a system ready to mark certain kits and items, but for those of you who don’t: the time has come!

Add a unique key hanger or travel tag to each backpack or travel case that is used as a kit. Not only can you start adding unique QR codes on them, but you can also leave some company information in case the bag gets lost.

Have several teams that have their own gear? Mark the kits’ tags with the team color or initials to easily spot which kit it is.

The Carabiner Method

Now here comes the obvious question: How can you make sure the kits stay complete? A battery might need charging or a lens might need cleaning, so how can you let the next person in line now their favorite kit has a missing piece? Carabiners to the rescue!

What you’ll need:

How it works: