Advanced tech equipment
Advanced technology

Cutting-edge tech deserves cutting-edge equipment management.

Your high-tech equipment enables you to work miracles. Cheqroom helps you keep track of every asset, so your teams can focus on what they do best.

Your single source of
asset truth

No matter your items’ location, all your equipment information – past and future – lives in one secure place.

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Go back in time

Check who used it, where it was scanned last, or when the last maintenance check was with the Timeline feature.

Protect business-critical equipment

Scan barcodes with the built-in scanner on our mobile app. Access your inventory history and other information with just one scan.

Leave no item behind

Quickly check if all equipment from a booking, project, or equipment room is accounted for with Spotcheck.

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Allocate long-term gear assignment

Assign items or kits to specific users for longer or undefined periods of time. Instantly know who has what, and hold people accountable when needed.

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Maximize equipment availability

Make sure every project starts and ends on time. Increase the efficiency and productivity of your team by having all equipment in top-notch conditions

Capture the flag

Is your equipment dirty, out of battery, or broken? Flag items that require some extra TLC yourself, or let other users do it

Schedule routine maintenance

Is it time for the yearly check-up? Validate an item’s condition or identify a problem in its early stages.

Keep them in the loop

Set reminders and calibrate alerts. Let users know when equipment is unavailable and allow them to plan accordingly.

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Important and valuable gear

Keep a close eye on your most precious gear to stay in the know about its condition and whereabouts.

  • Unique tracking
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Track depreciation

Accessories & large quantities

Manage items that you have in large quantities and that have a low purchase value, such as cables, SD cards, etc.

  • Non-unique tracking
  • Manage quantities
  • Add them to Kits
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Dive into the data

Every data point is meticulously recorded and presented in crisp, accurate, and relevant reports you didn’t know you were craving. Learn what the most used items are, when your inventory ran low, or which equipment breaks down more often.

Feature - user roles

You’re in control

Control user access to specific features or reports. Create roles with customizable permissions and use Equipment Access to decide who can access what.

It’s time.
Invest in the best equipment management software for high-tech equipment.


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Cheqroom made equipment management super easy and very enjoyable for us.

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