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Gear tracking software that changes everything

CHEQROOM is a simple app that gives you full control over your gear tracking. Know where your gear is at, who is using it and when it is due back. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Scan gear with your phone

Scan barcodes (or QR codes) on your gear to identify it, make bookings or check-outs on the go.

Know where gear is

Cut down on equipment loss. CHEQROOM’s gear tracking system lets you keep records of all your assets’ locations.

Keep gear audit trails

Improve accountability among your employees: always know who used your assets last. Create and control easily accessible & always up-to-date digital audit trails of your gear.

gear tracking system scanning barcode
Built-in scanner

Scan QR and barcodes

No need for expensive hardware: identify your tools in seconds using your phone with CHEQROOM’s built-in scanner. Users can easily book & check out their own assets, less work for you and holds them accountable.

QR tags are really helpful in identifying assets: you know exactly which piece of equipment you need because it’s tagged. It’s just easier to find stuff.

Matt Huesmann
Matt Huesmann
Lipscomb University
gear tracking app all in one
GPS & GEO locations

Always know where your gear is

Keep all your gear information and attachments (receipts, warranty) in one single tool tracking platform. Always know where your assets are, who is using them and when they are due back.

CHEQROOM has made a difference in our ability to plan for maintenance, anticipate scheduling bottlenecks and conflicts, and maintain accountability for our costly assets.

Salinda Bacheler
Salinda Bacheler
MARRS at Duke University
gear maintenance tracking software

Plan your gear maintenance and track repairs

Optimize tools performance: plan regular maintenance and have users report any issues in the app. The person in charge of repairs gets notified  automatically and can schedule repairs right away.


Keeping track of gear has never been that easy!

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