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CHEQROOM offers an all-in-one tool checkout system. Make your tools easy to checkout by anyone of your team using their own phone to scan barcodes or QR codes.

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tool checkout software

No more spreadsheets

Take tool checkouts to the cloud and always have the most up-to-date info about your tools. No more obsolete spreadsheets.

Check in & out on the fly

With our tool checkout system, you’ll check in / check out tools from your phone wherever you are.

Increase accountability

Let users book and checkout their own tools: saves you time and makes them accountable for the tools they use.


All-in-one tool checkout app

Scan barcodes or QR codes

Scan barcodes with your phone to identify and checkout a specific tool in seconds.

Check out from multiple locations

Have tools stored in multiple locations? Use the same tool checkout software for all of your locations.

Enable self-service checkouts

Let users book and checkout their own tools. Saves time & hassle.

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agreements & usage

More accountability, less loss

Generate checkout agreements

Have the software automatically generate an agreement at each checkout.

Sign-off digitally

Let users sign the agreement digitally on their phone. Automatically save it and share it with them.

Track who is using your tools

Never loose track of tools ever again, always know who has what and when it’s due back.

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saving time with tool checkouts

Danielle Rischawy

Make your tools easy to check out

The right equipment at the right time
Increased visibility of your assets
Send automated reminder emails
From any device at any time

CHEQROOM is the most easy-to-use app for tool checkouts and it's quickly implemented at a low cost. Plus, there is no need to buy new hardware: we simply use our smartphones.

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