Don't buy something new: 5 tips to make your AV gear more sustainable

Sustainability is more than just recycling your gear. It’s about knowing where your gear is so you don’t unnecessarily buy something that you already have. It’s about taking care of your equipment before it needs fixing. It’s about using your gear correctly and storing it securely. In the end, it all makes sense. The hardest part is getting used to a new process. But don’t worry, we are happy to help you out with these tips.

1. Do you take care of your gear?

1. Maintenance

When you’re using software to manage your equipment, you can register your items and get reminders once they reach a certain amount of hours used. This can make sure that they get the needed maintenance to make them last longer.

2. Storage

Expensive gear can quickly lose its value when not stored carefully. Flight cases are great for moving equipment as they are strong, long-lasting, and lightweight.

3. Cable management

Cables are the literal (red) wire of your AV setup. One broken cable can delay the entire shoot. Taking care of these can save you a lot of money and time. It’s easy once you know the best practices! Watch the video below for our best tips on cable management.

2. Do you know where your gear is?

Does it happen that you lose your gear? Many of our customers did. It's one of the reasons they come to Cheqroom. Having a clear overview and structure in your reservations can open up a new level of efficiency and help you save time. A few tricks:

1. Use scannable asset tags
Identify your equipment whenever it is used by someone or sent somewhere. If you ever doubt where it is, you can simply log the latest scan and see who was responsible for this.

2. Use an asset-tracking app
A reservation system that logs locations makes it easy to track your lost equipment.

3. Ask for a signature at check-out

Shifting responsibility towards the user of the equipment can give you some extra assurance to see your equipment back safe and sound.

4. Work with an equipment booking system

When everyone has a view on all reserved gear, users will know when to return the equipment for others.

5. Send automated SMS or email notifications
Sometimes people just forget about a piece of gear they still have lying around somewhere. Next time, they won't forget about the due date with an automated reminder.

3. Do you know your gear?

Knowing what you have makes it a lot easier to be sustainable. Watch our 8 tips for better equipment inventory management.

4. Do you know what to do with your old gear?

Equipment that is considered old, is often just outdated and not broken. As it is still usable, we have some options to keep the gear going.

1. Donate it to charity or a local community.

2. Sell it at a low price if it is still usable.

3. Keep it as a spare for when your new equipment breaks down, you never know.

4. Recycle your equipment by disposing it at the right place (don’t forget to delete personal data!).

5. Get rid of your equipment at refurbishing companies. They clear the memory and upcycle your old gear.

5. Do you need new gear?

For every investment you make, you should be able to figure out how long it takes to get your investment back. For some equipment, the ROI period is way too high to actually buy it yourself. You could then rent gear from other companies instead.

Ready to manage your gear and unlock its full potential?