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To the unseen star players bringing us the emotions: thank you!

We want to shine a light on the coordinators, the camera crews, the hosts, the journalists, and all the others that make it possible for the rest of us to enjoy these moments.

How Cheqroom enables the unseen star players of the FIFA World Cup

Media crews move thousands of pieces of gear across borders to bring the best images to the audiences. Keeping this gear in check is essential and that's exactly what Cheqroom helps you do, so you can focus on what matters: capturing the best shots.

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Keep an overview

When moving lenses, cameras, lights, and memory cards, you want to know where they are at all times. Losing one of those can jeopardize the shot of THE save of the game. Tracking them will give you peace of mind and avoid losing items.

Feature - Equipment flags

Flag it, fix it, use it

Is your equipment dirty, out of battery, or broken? Inform other users about the latest status of every item by flagging it in the app.

Top media companies trust Cheqroom to manage their equipment

Feature -kits AV

Never leave an item behind

Not even the lens cap. Ensure all your gear is actually with you, whether in the stadium, in the OB truck, or back at the gear cage.

Feature - Mobile app - custody

More than a mobile app

Scan barcodes with our built-in scanner. Access your inventory history with just one scan.

Feature - reservations

Put an end to double bookings

Great. Someone else took off with your gear and is going to get that perfect shot. Sounds familiar? Eliminate double-bookings with Cheqroom’s reservation process.

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