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Manage equipment with Cheqroom

Equipment Management for Higher Education

Keep an overview of all your gear with Cheqroom.

How it works

Cheqroom in 1 minute

See how our equipment management software helps students reserve gear and do check-outs and check-ins without a hassle. Scan asset labels, flag equipment when it is broken, and ask for electronic signatures to make students more accountable.

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Always know what gear your students are out using

Bye summer, hello chaos? Not necessarily. As an equipment manager, we know it can be a LOT to keep track of all the gear your students are using.

With Cheqroom, you can:

  • Get a grip on all the equipment with an updated inventory.
  • Let your students manage the gear themselves.
  • Personalize the students' access to the app.
  • Create accountability with signatures.
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Take control

Give access to the right equipment

Stop checking whether a student is capable of using the gear they reserved. Let Cheqroom handle that for you.

With Equipment Access, you can control which gear first-year videography students are allowed to book.

Cheqroom reservations
Claim back your time

Effortless reservation flow

From smooth reservations to flawless check-ins, Cheqroom's reservation flow makes it easy to prepare gear for check-out, increase student accountability, and ensure you get your equipment back in time.

Signout signature
Reinforce accountability 

Easily generate sign-out sheets

Do you need to reinforce accountability with check-out agreements? Use one of our templates and generate PDFs quickly. Simply select a template, and it will automatically fill out student and equipment data. Go the extra mile by implementing digital signatures.

Cheqroom notifications
No more overdue gear

Automated notifications

No more excuses for late returns! Automate your communications and reminders with email, push, or SMS notifications. We offer customizable templates for you to choose from, so you can scratch "send reminders" from your to-do list.

Reports depreciation
Data-driven insights

Report on what matters

Track equipment usage, noting when, where, and by whom it is used. Monitor busy times and pending repairs to plan ahead. Consider hiring an additional student to assist during peak periods.

How other universities are using Cheqroom

With so many hands on the equipment, it’s important to keep track of all the gear and hold the right people accountable. With Cheqroom, you can.

Read how other universities use Cheqroom and how our software has made their workflow more efficient.

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It’s time to invest in the best equipment management software for universities