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Know where  
your equipment 
is at all times.

Cheqroom is a next-generation Enterprise Asset Management platform that makes it easier to track, book, and check out high-value assets.

You're in good company
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Who's using your gear?

Do you know who is using what gear and when? And when will it be returned? Or when the warranty expires? Are you sure that the item you need isn't broken but simply out of juice?

Cheqroom's asset management software gives back the reins, offering you the control and autonomy you crave.

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BDG cut prep time in half with Cheqroom

“If we had 12 shoots a month, we'd be spending upwards of 108 hours just on preparations. Cheqroom cut that in half!"

Capabilities that set Cheqroom apart

Cheqroom is a next-generation enterprise asset management platform that is purpose-built for full workforce participation. We power over 1,000 organizations with high-value, mission-critical assets.

Equipment management
on the go

With our mobile app, you can manage your entire inventory and immediately take action.

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We didn’t make them say this

I can monitor the real-time usage of the equipment dispatched for an event from my phone while sitting on my sunny porch!

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Stay in control & never lose track of your assets

Ready to join the 1,000+ organizations that manage their high-value assets in Cheqroom?