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Bulk Items

When it comes to a successful shoot, every piece of gear counts, regardless of its cost. From the expensive ARRI to the cheapest XDLR cable. Now, you can manage it all with Bulk Items.

Your entire inventory. In your control.

Never forget a cable again! Use Cheqroom to keep track of all your important accessories and ensure you always have every essential item for your shoot.

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Track accessories & large quantities of items.

Manage and track all your accessories, especially those owned in large quantities, not in spreadsheets anymore.

Complete reservations

Complete Reservations and Check-outs.

Add Bulk Items to reservations and check-outs for a complete overview of what is needed for the shoot.


Stay in the know

Get insights about the usage of Bulk Items over time so you know how often you’ve reached full use.

No item left behind

Because Every Item Counts

Bulk Items take physical and virtual Check-outs to a whole new level. Take the accessory you need, scan it, and that’s it— Bulk Items are not uniquely identifiable, so they can share the same bar/QR code.

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